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Amanda H. Blair is the Research Officer at the United States Institute of Peace. In this role, she spearheads efforts to develop the Institute’s research agenda, as well as works with teams to strengthen their research designs, analyses, and products. Prior to joining USIP, Amanda was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago, where her research examined how armed conflict and protracted insecurity across Central and East Africa have contributed to the development of sexual economies and sex trafficking networks. She is particularly interested in how sexual economies transform everyday relations of sexual exchange, intimacy, and reproduction. Beyond her research, Amanda has worked with domestic and international violence prevention organizations in a variety of capacities, ranging from direct advocacy and policy initiatives to fundraising and diversity efforts. Amanda received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 2017. She holds a master’s in political science from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s in political science from the University of Wyoming.

Institutional Representative: United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
Position: Research Officer

Institution / Affiliation : United States Institute of Peace (USIP)

Geographical Region: Africa

Policy: Conflict and Violence, Development, Gender