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20170913AB Reducing Sectarian Hate Speech Online and in the Field Alexandra A. Siegel
20170913AA Group Consciousness and Political Behavior: Conceptualization and Measurement (This design is gated) Charles Crabtree, Kostanca Dhima, Matt Golder, Sona Golder 03/13/2019
20170910AA The impact of low-income housing programs on political and economic behavior: a randomized evaluation from Mumbai, Maharashtra Tanu Kumar
20170908AC Pre-analysis plan for survey experiment on different clientelist strategies and voter support Louise Bøttkjær, Mogens K. Justesen
20170908AB Pre-analysis plan for: List experiment on vote buying and request-fulfilling in South Africa Louise Bøttkjær
20170908AA Pre-analysis plan for survey experiment on voter mobilization using and positive and negative clientelist inducements Mogens K. Justesen, Isabela Mares
20170907AA Fear and Politics in Divided Societies: Assessing the Foundations of Political Behavior in Lebanon. Melani Cammett, Dominika Kruszewska
20170906AA Home Country Attributes and Political Risk Abroad Nathan Jensen, Torben Behmer
20170905AA Security, Economic Performance, and Popular Support for Democracy: The Case of Mexico Jessica Zarkin Notni, Darin Self
20170901AA Do Danish Municipal Councillors Racially Discriminate Against Constituents? Mikkel Schiøler
20170831AA Framing and Its Effects: Investigating the Power of Moral Arguments Simon Heuberger
20170829AA Language Corrections and Intergroup Attitudes Yamil Velez
20170828AA Time-Inconsistency and the Framing of Policy Alternatives in Competitive Democracies Jerome Schafer
20170823AA Isolating the effects of process and outcome equity on social cooperation and acceptance of group outcomes Casey O'Hara, Mark Buntaine, Sarah Anderson, Jon McKoy
20170822AA Gender and Political Representation in Tunisia Alexandra Blackman, Marlette Jackson
20170821AB Does International Law Affect Public Attitudes on Refugee Policy and Use of Torture? Matthew Kim, Beth Simmons, Anton Strezhnev
20170821AA "Seu petralha! Seu coxinha!" Political Knowledge and Mass Ideology in Brazil Ryan Lloyd, Mathieu Turgeon, Alessandro Freire
20170819AA Seeing is Believing: How Video of Police Action Affects Criminal Justice Beliefs Bryce J. Dietrich, Paul Testa
20170816AA Attitudes towards Killing in War (This design is gated) Janina Dill, Livia Schubiger 02/12/2019
20170815AA Crafting Payoffs: Behavioral Foundations of China’s Economic Inducements in the Philippines Audrye Wong
20170814AA Gendered Distribution of Impact Evidence to Policy Makers Rachel E. A. Finlayson, Daniel Nielson
20170811AB Using Conjoint Analysis to Study Voter Preferences and Electoral Accountability in Peruvian Local Elections Julie Anne Weaver
20170811AA Misinformation, Threat, and Public Support for Free Trade D.J. Flynn, Yusaku Horiuchi, Dong Zhang
20170810AA Legitimacy and Contact Groups Katherine Beall
20170809AA Organizing the Vote: Interest Organizations and Party-Voter Linkages in Mexico Mathias Poertner, Brian Palmer-Rubin, Candelaria Garay
20170808AA Forced to Flee: Violent Displacement in Colombian Cities Jerome F Marston Jr
20170807AA The effect of civic leadership training on government responsiveness and citizen engagement: Experimental evidence from the Philippines (This design is gated) Nina McMurry, Lily Tsai 02/07/2019
20170805AA Public Reactions to Non-Compliance in the Colombian Tutela Jeffrey K. Staton, Ryan Carlin, Varun Gauri, Isabel Cristina Jaramillo Sierra, Mariana Castrellón Pérez
20170804AA Decider in Chief? Public Misperceptions about Presidential Power (supplementary preregistration) (This design is gated) Scott Clifford, D.J. Flynn, Brendan Nyhan 09/28/2018
20170803AA Campaign Finance Vouchers, Information, and Ideology Abby K. Wood, Christopher S. Elmendorf, Douglas M. Spencer
20170731AA Bad Reputation: A Study of Influence Specific Reputation Ellen J Chapin, Zachary Devlin-Foltz, Sarah Gerstein, Jason Lyall
20170729AA Ghana Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) Impact Evaluation: Pre-Analysis Plan Brett J. Gall, Heather Huntington, Erik Wibbels
20170728AB Experimentally Augmenting Interpersonal Trust and Political Activity Scott Guenther, Nick Obradovich
20170728AA Voting in Adverse Conditions: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Chile Giancarlo Visconti
20170727AA The Road to Parity: Gender and Political Recruitment in Malawian Local Councils Amanda Clayton, Martha Johnson, Ragnhild Muriaas, Amanda Robinson
20170725AB Do Indirect Taxes Promote Accountability? The effects of revenue modality on citizen behavior Brandon de la Cuesta, Lucy Martin, Helen Milner, Daniel Nielson
20170725AA The Effects of Policy Visibility on Policy Support (This design is gated) Vivekinan Ashok, Gregory Huber 11/01/2018
20170724AA Media and Government Evaluation in Russia Arturas Rozenas, Denis Stukal
20170721AB Financial Incentives and Measurement of Sensitive Behaviors: A Pilot Field Experiment (This design is gated) Lilla Orr, Peter Aronow, Forrest W. Crawford 01/21/2019
20170721AA Psychic numbing and risk management Jeffrey Friedman
20170720AC Media source and susceptibility to false information Yusaku Horiuchi, Katherine Clayton, Jase Davis, Kristen Hinckley
20170720AB Latina Candidates and Republican Voter Behavior: An Experimental Analysis Jessica Preece, Christopher Karpowitz, Benjamin White
20170720AA Hearts and Minds: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Mexico Abraham Aldama
20170717AA Assessing the Effects of Education and Civic Engagement on Youth Support for Violent Extremism in Somalia Topher L. McDougal, Beza Tesfaye
20170716AB Public Service Performance in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda Adam S. Harris, Brigitte Seim, Rachel Sigman
20170716AA Relationships of Local Development: Traditional authorities and state leaders in rural Latin America Christopher Carter
20170714AA Immigration and Social Welfare Survey Experiment Jake Haselswerdt
20170712AA The gender gap, violence, and non-state governance in Haiti Dara Kay Cohen, Danielle Jung
20170711AA The Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Messaging Jordan Gans-Morse
20170706AC Informality, Taxation, and Politics: Evidence from a New Democracy Jessica Gottlieb