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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20161028AA The Strategic Psychology of Terrorism (This design is gated) Carly Wayne 10/31/2017
20161026AA Increasing Use of Open Aid Data in Honduras Mike Findley
20161020AA The effect of anti-money laundering regulation on payment flows to and from developing countries Matthew Collin, Samantha Cook, Kimmo Soramaki
20161019AB Cultural Revival and Electoral Politics: Mobilization of Lomwe Ethnic Identity in Malawi Amanda Robinson
20161019AA Does Anger (Anxiety) Promote Support for Punitive (Protective) Immigration Policies? Yamil Velez
20161017AA Does Cross-Cutting Interaction Reduce Support for Sectarian Politics? Evidence from a Discussion Experiment in Lebanon Laura Paler, Sami Atallah, Leslie Marshall
20161016AA The Effects of Media Messages on Social Attitudes in Uganda Phase II Donald Green, Susanne Baltes, Jasper Jack Cooper, Anna Wilke
20161011AA Factual Corrections During A Presidential Election (This design is gated) Brendan Nyhan, Ethan Porter, Jason Reifler, Thomas J. Wood 03/29/2018
20161006AA Presidential Candidates and Ad Messaging in the 2016 General Election Gregory Love, Ryan Carlin
20161004AA IGO Endorsements and Support for the REDD+ program Brian Greenhill
20161001AA Who gets to Vote? D. Alex Hughes, Micah Gell-Redman, Charles Crabtree
20160926AC Public and Private Voting Behavior in Uganda Leah Rosenzweig
20160926AB IGO Endorsements and Support for a Gasoline Tax Brian Greenhill
20160926AA Constituency Service in India: An Audit Experiment Jennifer Bussell
20160921AB Berkeley Study of Indian Politicians Jennifer Bussell
20160921AA Tweetment Effects on the Tweeted: US Election Kevin Munger
20160919AA A Social Media Field Experiment on the Colombian Peace Process Jorge Gallego
20160918AA The Spatial Politics of Support for Mass Infrastructure: A Pre-Analysis Plan Alisha Holland
20160916AB Declared Support: Citizen Strategies of Clientelism (This design is gated) Simeon Nichter, Salvatore Nunnari 03/15/2018
20160916AA Safer Transit Options for Passengers (STOP) Final Field Experiment Design Koba Turmanidze, Dustin Gilbreath, Giorgi Babunashvili
20160913AB Do the Effects of College Political Activity Endure? Evidence From A Campaign Work Experiment Ethan Porter, Thomas J. Wood, Erick Gong, Jeffrey P. Carpenter
20160913AA Emotional or Rational Appeals? An Online Field Experiment in Campaign Advertisement Anselm Rink
20160912AB Persuasive Communication - Addendum (This design is gated) Clara H. Suong 03/12/2018
20160911AA Local strategies of information control in authoritarian regimes: Evidence from a field experiment in Russia (This design is gated) Holger Kern, Charles Crabtree 01/31/2018
20160907AA Institutional Trust, Identity, and Compliance in Guinea Leonardo R. Arriola, Allison N. Grossman
20160905AA Safe Transit Options for Passengers (STOP) Dustin Gilbreath, Koba Turmanidze, Giorgi Babunashvili
20160831AA The determinants of activists' commitment to party organization Rafael Piñeiro, Fernando Rosenblatt
20160829AA The Competence and Integrity of Congressional Extremists Jaclyn Kaslovsky, Michael Olson
20160825AA Can Validated Participation Boost Parental Efficacy and Active Citizenship in the Education Sector? A Phase 1 Experiment in Tanzania with Twaweza (This design is gated) Evan Lieberman, Yang-Yang Zhou 02/24/2018
20160824AA Online Endorsement Cues and the Political Conditioning of Factual Perceptions Ian G. Anson
20160822AA Inequality, Nationalism, and Political Demands: A Survey-Experiment in China (This design is gated) Meir Alkon 01/31/2018
20160820AA Randomized Impact Evaluation of the Community Auxiliary Police, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea Jasper Jack Cooper
20160819AB The Impact of Elections Nic Cheeseman, Dominic Burbidge
20160819AA SMS for Better Governance: Pre-Analysis Plan Guy Grossman, Melina Platas Izama, Jonathan Rodden
20160813AC Economic Inequality and Selective Solidarity, Part 2 (part of a broader study) (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni 02/01/2018
20160813AB Economic Inequality and Selective Solidarity, Part 1 (part of a broader study) (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni 02/01/2018
20160813AA Who do Slum Leaders Serve? Experimental Evidence from Urban India Adam Auerbach, Tariq Thachil
20160812AB Persuasive Communication (This design is gated) Clara H. Suong 02/12/2018
20160812AA Labels vs. Pictures: How Should We Represent Candidate Ethnicity in Experiments on Voter Discrimination? Kevin M. Quinn, Marisa Abrajano, Christopher S. Elmendorf
20160809AB Friend or Foe: Conflicting Identities Guiding Altruism Ana Bracic
20160809AA Exposure to inequality survey Melissa Sands
20160803AB Influence in Rural India: An Experimental Approach Simon Chauchard, Neelanjan Sircar
20160803AA Hot spots informing – reducing crime with a randomized communication campaign in Bogotá Enzo Nussio, Ervyn Norza
20160801AB Sexual orientation and the labor market in São Paulo/Brazil (This design is gated) Joice Godoi Garcia 02/01/2018
20160801AA When do elected officials help immigrants become citizens? (This design is gated) Rafaela Dancygier, Ruth Ditlmann 01/01/2018
20160730AA A Behavioral Approach to the Use of Performance Information by Bureaucrats Sean Webeck, Sean Nicholson-Crotty
20160729AA Summer 2016 Multi-State Transgender Discrimination Experiment (This design is gated) David Broockman, Joshua Kalla 01/01/2018
20160727AA Strategic Delegation? How Legislators Measure and Respond to Electoral Uncertainty Mona Vakilifathi
20160726AB Blurring the Lines: Measuring Self-Censorship Under Autocracy (This design is gated) Dimitar Gueorguiev, Charles Crabtree, Li Shao 01/26/2018
20160726AA Could a tailored timely prompt encourage electric vehicle owners to consider switching their electricity tariff? A randomised control trial with recipients of the government electric vehicle grant Moira Nicolson