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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20170321AB Do museums promote reconciliation? A field experiment in Santiago, Chile (This design is gated) Laia Balcells, Valeria Palanza, Elsa Voytas 09/21/2018
20170321AA Refugees and Native Reactions in Germany (This design is gated) Amaney Jamal, Rafaela Dancygier 09/21/2018
20170320AC Measuring Skin Color: Can We Improve Upon the Massey-Martin Scale? Christopher S. Elmendorf, Marisa Abrajano, Kevin M. Quinn
20170320AB Distribution and Group Dynamics (This design is gated) Megan A. Stewart, Todd S. Sechser 09/20/2018
20170320AA Motivating Waste Reduction and Recycling in the University Workplace: An Experimental Evaluation of Negatively-framed Collective Incentives Richard M. Walker, Ivan P. Lee, Nicolai Petrovsky, Janet WU
20170317AA The Language of Morality (This design is gated) Abigail Post 09/17/2018
20170312AA Factual (In)accuracy and Partisan Selective Exposure (This design is gated) D.J. Flynn 03/12/2018
20170310AA Social heuristics as a tool for political member generating - A field experiment in the Danish Consumer Council Danni Toftegaard Vander
20170309AA Impact Assessment of the Law Enforcement Response to Cashgate Brigitte Seim
20170308AB The Effect of Projections of Racial Composition in the United States Sean Richey
20170308AA Mobile Phone Ownership, Uptake and Usage of Digital Financial Services and Women’s Empowerment: A Field Experiment in Tanzania Philip Roessler, Peter Carroll, Flora Myamba, Daniel Nielson
20170307AA Voter Registration in Kenya: A Field Experiment to Overcome Information and/or Operational Barriers to Registration Peter Van Der Windt, J. Andrew Harris
20170302AA Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) Endorsements and Support for REDD+ scheme (This design is gated) Brian Greenhill 03/02/2018
20170301AA Missionaries and Democratization (This design is gated) Anselm Rink 09/01/2018
20170227AC The Effect of Deferred Action on the Mental Health of Children of Undocumented Immigrants Jens Hainmueller, Duncan Lawrence, Lucila Figueroa , Michael Hotard, Tomás Jiménez , David Laitin, Fernando S. Mendoza, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, Jonas Swartz
20170227AB Voter Behavior and Crime Alexander Sahn
20170227AA The Political Franchise After Shelby County v. Holder Douglas M. Spencer, Christopher S. Elmendorf, Mayya Komisarchik
20170225AA Ethnic discrimination in primary schools Jonas Høgh Jeppesen
20170224AA How Citizens Evaluate Tradeoffs between Descriptive and Partisan Representation (This design is gated) Albert Fang 01/18/2019
20170223AC An Experiment on the Interaction of Violence and Obedience (This design is gated) Carolyn Coberly, Megan A. Stewart, Todd S. Sechser 08/23/2018
20170223AB Political Misperceptions among Public Officials and the General Public (This design is gated) D.J. Flynn, Nathan Lee, Brendan Nyhan 02/23/2018
20170223AA Cooperation across income and racial categories: Pre-analysis plan Max Schaub, Delia Baldassarri, Johanna Gereke
20170222AA Efforts to Reduce Affective Polarization: Cross-Group Friendship & Perceptions of Common Ground Matthew Levendusky
20170220AA Lay Legal Conception of Immigration Policies Xinyi Duan
20170216AB Why Opposition Coalitions? Common Policy Platforms and Voting Behavior in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes (This design is gated) Elvin Ong 08/16/2018
20170216AA Selective Exposure on Chinese Social Media Clara Wang, Yusaku Horiuchi, Sean Westwood
20170215AA The Impact of Providing Driver’s Licenses to Unauthorized Immigrants in California on Healthcare Utilization (This design is gated) Jens Hainmueller, Hans Lueders, Duncan Lawrence 02/14/2018
20170214AB Fictional versus Realistic Violence and Aggressive Behavior in the Competitive Reaction Time Task (CRTT) (This design is gated) Abigail Post, Todd S. Sechser 08/14/2018
20170214AA Violence and Aggressive Behavior in the Competitive Reaction Time Task (CRTT) (This design is gated) Abigail Post, Todd S. Sechser 08/14/2018
20170212AA Breaking Down Barriers to Preventive Care: The Impact of Prenatal Care Expansion to Immigrant Women in Oregon Jens Hainmueller, Jonas Swartz, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, Duncan Lawrence
20170210AA Community Land Protection Program Performance Evaluation (This design is gated) Alexandra C. Hartman, Heather Huntington 08/10/2018
20170209AA Ethnic Orders: The Political Economy of Identity in the Malay World (This design is gated) Thomas Pepinsky 08/09/2018
20170208AA Parental Identity Salience and Climate Change Policy Support Emily Pechar
20170207AA Explaining Public Opinion towards Refugee Resettlement (This design is gated) Jeremy Ferwerda, D.J. Flynn, Yusaku Horiuchi 02/07/2018
20170205AA Causal discovery of heterogeneous treatment effects in conjoint experiments, Stage 2 Adeline Lo
20170203AD Exploring the Impact of Corporate Campaign Contributions on Consumer Preferences: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Kyle Endres, Donald Green, Costas Panagopoulos, Jonathan Krasno, Michael Schwam-Baird
20170203AC Exploring the Impact of Corporate Behavior on Consumer Preferences: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Kyle Endres, Donald Green, Jonathan Krasno, Costas Panagopoulos, Michael Schwam-Baird
20170203AB Exploring the Impact of Party Convention Sponsorship on Future Patronage Donald Green, Costas Panagopoulos, Jonathan Krasno, Kyle Endres, Michael Schwam-Baird
20170203AA Endowment Effect or Institutions? Protocol for an Experimental Test of the Differential Accountability Hypothesis in Uganda Brandon de la Cuesta, Lucy Martin, Helen Milner, Daniel Nielson
20170131AA Communicating Cyber-risk: How exposure to cyber-attacks impacts support for cyber-protection policies (This design is gated) Nadiya Kostyuk, Carly Wayne 01/31/2018
20170130AA Electoral Rules, Gender, and Legislators’ Responsiveness: Field Experiments from Europe and Latin America (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni, Zoila Ponce de Leon 07/30/2018
20170124AA Violence and Pro-Social Behavior in the Trust Game (This design is gated) Abigail Post, Todd S. Sechser, Megan A. Stewart 07/23/2018
20170123AA The Effects of Violence on Pro-Social Behavior (This design is gated) Abigail Post, Megan A. Stewart, Todd S. Sechser 07/23/2018
20170118AA Does Strain Induce Islamism? (This design is gated) Tarek Masoud, Sharan Grewal, Amaney Jamal, Elizabeth Nugent 01/17/2018
20170117AA Political Party Organization and Women’s Empowerment Nahomi Ichino, Noah Nathan
20170115AA The Impact of Reconstruction-Era Amnesty Policy on Elite Persistence in the Postbellum South Jason Poulos
20170112AA Summary versus individual fact-checking Brendan Nyhan
20170109AA Changing Attitudes Towards Campaign Finance Reform: Evidence from a Canvassing Experiment Michael Schwam-Baird, Donald Green, Jonathan Krasno, Costas Panagopoulos, Kyle Endres
20170103AA How Persuasive Are Books? A Field Experiment Assessing Readers' Change in Attitudes and Behaviors David Kirby, Donald Green, Alexander Coppock
20161227AB New evidence on race and representation Micah Gell-Redman, Lefteris Anastasopoulos, Charles Crabtree, Neil Visalvanich