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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20170203AB Exploring the Impact of Party Convention Sponsorship on Future Patronage (This design is gated) Donald Green, Costas Panagopoulos, Jonathan Krasno, Kyle Endres, Michael Schwam-Baird 09/01/2017
20170203AA Endowment Effect or Institutions? Protocol for an Experimental Test of the Differential Accountability Hypothesis in Uganda (This design is gated) Brandon de la Cuesta, Lucy Martin, Helen Milner, Daniel Nielson 07/31/2017
20170131AA Communicating Cyber-risk: How exposure to cyber-attacks impacts support for cyber-protection policies (This design is gated) Nadiya Kostyuk, Carly Wayne 01/31/2018
20170130AA Electoral Rules, Gender, and Legislators’ Responsiveness: Field Experiments from Europe and Latin America (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni, Zoila Ponce de Leon 07/30/2018
20170124AA Violence and Pro-Social Behavior in the Trust Game (This design is gated) Abigail Post, Todd S. Sechser, Megan A. Stewart 07/23/2018
20170123AA The Effects of Violence on Pro-Social Behavior (This design is gated) Abigail Post, Megan A. Stewart, Todd S. Sechser 07/23/2018
20170118AA Does Strain Induce Islamism? (This design is gated) Tarek Masoud, Sharan Grewal, Amaney Jamal, Elizabeth Nugent 01/17/2018
20170117AA Political Party Organization and Women’s Empowerment (This design is gated) Nahomi Ichino, Noah Nathan 11/01/2017
20170115AA The Impact of Reconstruction-Era Amnesty Policy on Elite Persistence in the Postbellum South Jason Poulos
20170112AA Summary versus individual fact-checking (This design is gated) Brendan Nyhan 05/04/2018
20170109AA Changing Attitudes Towards Campaign Finance Reform: Evidence from a Canvassing Experiment Michael Schwam-Baird, Donald Green, Jonathan Krasno, Costas Panagopoulos, Kyle Endres
20170103AA How Persuasive Are Books? A Field Experiment Assessing Readers' Change in Attitudes and Behaviors David Kirby, Donald Green, Alexander Coppock
20161227AB New evidence on race and representation Micah Gell-Redman, Lefteris Anastasopoulos, Charles Crabtree, Neil Visalvanich
20161227AA Contentious Solidarity: Protest and Politics of the Past in Poland (This design is gated) Dominika Kruszewska 06/27/2018
20161216AB Alternatives to Clientelism in Accessing State Services Tesalia Rizzo
20161216AA The Psychological Effects of Presidentialism (This design is gated) Robert Elgie, David Doyle 06/16/2018
20161212AA Fact-checking and Fake News in Election 2016 (This design is gated) Andrew Guess, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler 06/12/2018
20161208AA Identity and Local Representation in Taiwan (This design is gated) Sara Newland, John Chung-En Liu 06/08/2018
20161207AA Scrutinizing the measurement of the sociotropic evaluations of economic voting Hanako Ohmura
20161206AA Trade-Induced Job Losses, Policy Responses and Public Opinion Meir Alkon
20161205AA Do Debates Matter? The Impact of Parliamentary Debates on Voter Preferences and Attitudes in Ghana Eric Kramon, Sarah Brierley, George Ofosu
20161204AB Economic Context and Welfare Support in Europe - Part 2 (part of broader study) (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni 06/01/2018
20161204AA Economic Context and Welfare Support in Europe - Part 1 (part of broader study) (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni 06/01/2018
20161129AA Mobilizing Voters Using Email (This design is gated) Michael U. Rivera, Micah Gell-Redman, D. Alex Hughes 11/07/2017
20161128AA Does perspective taking reduce prejudice? Gabor Simonovits
20161127AA The Obama Effect: Racial Animus and the Economy (This design is gated) Constantine Manda 05/27/2018
20161125AA The morality of political identification: party ID versus ideology Lucas de Abreu Maia
20161123AA All Male Panels? Representation and Democratic Legitimacy (This design is gated) Amanda Clayton, Diana O'Brien, Jennifer Piscopo 09/30/2017
20161122AB Out-group Anxiety and Trade Preferences Shikhar Singh, James Sundquist
20161122AA Conditional Responsiveness in France and Germany (This design is gated) Miriam Hänni, Christian Breunig, Emiliano Grossman 05/22/2018
20161121AA Does the Constitution Change Minds? David Kirby, Donald Green, Alexander Coppock
20161118AA The Economic Consequences of Symbolic Politics: An Experimental Study of the Value of Ideological Loyalty in China's Labor Market Jennifer Pan, Tongtong Zhang
20161112AA Flex: a field experiment to investigate British consumer uptake to a ‘smart’ time of use tariff Moira Nicolson
20161110AE Voter views of varieties of clientelism (This design is gated) Isabela Mares, Aurelian Muntean, Lauren Young 11/10/2017
20161110AD Immigrant Diversity and Native Attitudes Dalston Ward
20161110AC Energy tariff literacy - choosing the electricity tariff Moira Nicolson
20161110AB To stay or to go? How contextual cues embedded in the news portrayal of asylum seekers impact the attitude toward asylum seekers among the public [working title] Morten Øster Christensen
20161110AA Tribe and Nation: Minimum Winning Coalitions and Founding Leader's Ethnicity as Causes for Nation-Building Policies (This design is gated) Constantine Manda 05/10/2018
20161109AC Causal discovery of heterogeneous treatment effects in conjoint experiments Adeline Lo
20161109AB Discounting, Distribution, and Debt Reduction (This design is gated) Matthew DiGiuseppe, Eric Arias, Patrick Shea 11/09/2017
20161109AA Acquiring Citizen Skills Through Voice: Recruiting and Mobilising Citizen Auditors in Kenya Peter John, Fredrik Sjoberg
20161104AB Summary versus individual fact-checking (This design is gated) Brendan Nyhan 05/04/2018
20161104AA Experimental Evidence on Peer Group Formation and Productivity Leopoldo Fergusson, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Juliana Londono-Velez
20161103AB Pre-Analysis Plan: Political Parties and Voting in Ecuador (This design is gated) Mathias Poertner 02/08/2018
20161103AA How economics influence study choice Esben Thietje Mortensen, Frederik Alexander Gørtz
20161101AB Determinants of refugee exclusion and its attenuation: the case of Syrian refugees to the U.S. Claire Adida, Adeline Lo, Melina Platas Izama
20161101AA Asian Lens: A Conjoint Analysis of Partisan Stereotypes in Taiwan Chun-Ying Wu
20161030AA The effect of a three week democracy teaching program on young citizens' political efficacy Jonas Hedegaard Hansen
20161028AA The Strategic Psychology of Terrorism (This design is gated) Carly Wayne 10/31/2017
20161026AA Increasing Use of Open Aid Data in Honduras Mike Findley