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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20180620AA Testing Williams-Yulee (This design is gated) Dane Thorley 01/01/2019
20180619AB The Psychology of Self-Defense and Self-Determination (This design is gated) Austin Horng-En Wang, Yao-Yuan Yeh, Fang-Yu Chen, Charles Kuan-Sheng Wu 06/25/2019
20180619AA Evaluation of Pilot Outreach Initiative to Increase Citizen Service Requests in Baltimore, Maryland (This design is gated) Andrew Miller 01/31/2019
20180616AA An Empirical Assessment of Preference Falsification and Self-Censorship: Experimental Evidence from Japan (This design is gated) Sophia Hatz, Charles Crabtree, Atsushi Tago, Kristine Eck 12/16/2019
20180615AA Nationalist Repression in China and Japan Trevor Incerti, Daniel Mattingly, Frances Rosenbluth, Seiki Tanaka, Jiahua Yue
20180614AB Resisting “Broken Windows:” The causal effect of neighborhood disorder on political participation. Jacob Brown, Michael Zoorob
20180614AA How the arrival of asylum seekers affects local politics in municipalities: the case of Finnish politicians and VAA survey responses Ilona Lahdelma
20180613AA Accountability in Intergroup Relations and Public Goods Provision in Indian Slums (This design is gated) Melani Cammett, Poulomi Chakrabarti, David Romney 12/31/2018
20180612AA Exceptionalism and Exemptionalism: Framing U.S. Public Opinion on the International Criminal Court (This design is gated) Kelebogile Zvobgo 12/12/2019
20180611AB Are people with foreign-sounding names discriminating against when they try to engage in party politicas? Evidence from a field experiment (This design is gated) Kåre Vernby, Lina M. Eriksson 09/10/2018
20180611AA Who Likes Rebels? Representation and the Electoral Success of Parliamentary Mavericks (This design is gated) Dominik Duell, Jonathan Slapin 12/11/2019
20180610AB Testing Legislator Responsiveness to Citizens and Firms in the Vietnamese National Assembly: A Field Experiment (This design is gated) Edmund Malesky, Anh Le, Anh Tran, Jason Todd 12/10/2019
20180610AA Colorism and the latent race cleavage in Mexico Evidence from an Online experiment (This design is gated) Mario Luca, Lucia Motolinia Carballo, José Maria Rodriguez Valadez 01/01/2019
20180608AB Climate Activism Experiment (This design is gated) Joshua Kalla, David Broockman 12/08/2019
20180608AA The Sources of Citizen-Police Cooperation: Experimental Evidence Using 360-degree Video in Lagos, Nigeria Andrew Miller
20180607AA Public Response to China’s Economic Inducements: Evidence from the Philippines Audrye Wong
20180605AD Youth Activists, Police and Election Violence: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Liberia Sabrina Karim, Lindsey Pruett, Alex Dyzenhaus, Grant Buckles
20180605AC Examining Policing in Uganda: A List and Endorsement Experiment (This design is gated) Travis B. Curtice 06/05/2019
20180605AB OECD Influence Study (This design is gated) Brian Greenhill 09/01/2018
20180605AA Tax Incidence in the Market for Medical Devices (This design is gated) Daniel G Garrett 01/01/2019
20180602AA Explaining Public Support for Militarizing Law Enforcement: Evidence from Conjoint Experiments in Mexico and the United States Jessica Zarkin Notni, Gustavo Flores-Macias
20180601AA Social Media and Political Discourse (This design is gated) Jennifer Pan, Daniel Muise, Byron Reeves 09/02/2019
20180530AA Abortion Stigma Experiment (This design is gated) Joshua Kalla 12/01/2019
20180529AC Government investment in R&D and Politicians’ Popularity Natalia Lamberova
20180529AB When do most voters support increasing immigration? Disentangling (parochial) altruistic motivations from self-interest and prejudice (This design is gated) Alexander Kustov 11/29/2019
20180529AA Understanding Corruption: Experimental Evidence from Africa John A Doces, Donatien K Adou, Amy Wolaver
20180528AA When do Elected Officials Seek Out Policy Expertise? (This design is gated) John McAndrews, Peter Loewen, Daniel Rubenson 05/28/2019
20180523AA Bottom-up accountability and infrastructure delivery: evidence from nurseries and schools' constructions in Brazil Umberto Mignozzetti, Manoel Galdino Pereira Neto, Jessica Voigt Quintino Pereira
20180521AB For Club or Country? Using Football Data to Test Theories of Group Identity Daniel Rubenson, Christopher Dawes
20180521AA Religiosity, evaluations and vote Donald Green, Yusuf Magiya
20180518AA The Demand for Democracy: An Experimental Analysis John A Doces, Mark J. Meyer
20180516AB Reducing conspiracy theories about disease epidemics: experimental evidence from Brazil (This design is gated) John Michael Carey, Victoria Chi, D.J. Flynn, Brendan Nyhan, Thomas Zeitzoff 11/16/2019
20180516AA Geographic Proximity, Emotions and Immigration Attitudes in Southern Italy Federica Genovese
20180515AB Tunisian Local Candidate Survey Pre-Analysis Plan for Survey Experiments Alexandra Blackman, Julia Clark, Aytug Sasmaz
20180515AA Elected Officials' Strategies for Targeting Voters Nick Obradovich, Brigitte Seim
20180514AA The effect of diversity versus outgroup share on cooperation (This design is gated) Maria Abascal, Delia Baldassarri 11/14/2019
20180509AB Social Media Effects on News Credibility (This design is gated) Brendan Nyhan 11/08/2019
20180509AA Participatory Measurement, Monitoring, and Management of Groundwater in Northeast Brazil Alicia Cooperman, Alexandra Richey, Brigitte Seim
20180508AA The Efficacy of Deliberative Democracy Christopher Celaya
20180507AA Seizing and Freezing: Inflexibility During Cyber Conflict Miguel Alberto Gomez
20180504AA Incentives for Preventive Health Care Provision: Evidence from Brazil Umberto Mignozzetti
20180503AB Higher Education and Democracy: Elite Views on Education-Based Descriptive Representation (This design is gated) Quinton Mayne, Yvette Peters 09/15/2018
20180503AA The Effects of Arguments for Gender Quotas: A Survey Experiment on Representatives in Norway. (This design is gated) Ragnhild Muriaas, Yvette Peters 08/31/2018
20180502AA Reading Nudge Christian Breunig, Klaus Jonathan Klüser, Qixuan Yang
20180430AC Unequal enforcement: How perceived ethnicity and written English proficiency affect welfare agencies’ responses Viridiana Rios, Spencer Headworth
20180430AB Perceptions of Crime and Punitiveness Jack Landry
20180430AA Foreign Support and Protest Mobilization (This design is gated) Matthew Cebul 04/30/2019
20180427AA Identifying the Effects of Fox News Kimberly Gross, Ethan Porter, Thomas J. Wood
20180426AC How Voters Evaluate Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Politicians (This design is gated) John McAndrews, Roosmarijn De Geus, Peter Loewen 04/26/2019
20180426AB Positive and negative messages about women in politics and the effects on women’s willingness to participate in politics (This design is gated) Roosmarijn De Geus, John McAndrews, Peter Loewen 04/26/2019