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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20170716AA Relationships of Local Development: Traditional authorities and state leaders in rural Latin America (This design is gated) Christopher Carter 02/01/2018
20170714AA Immigration and Social Welfare Survey Experiment Jake Haselswerdt
20170712AA The gender gap, violence, and non-state governance in Haiti Dara Kay Cohen, Danielle Jung
20170711AA The Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Messaging Jordan Gans-Morse
20170706AC Informality, Taxation, and Politics: Evidence from a New Democracy Jessica Gottlieb
20170706AB The Effects of Media Messages on Social Attitudes in Uganda - Survey Experiment Donald Green, Anna Wilke, Jasper Jack Cooper, Susanne Baltes
20170706AA Pre-analysis plan for: Survey experiment on electoral support for very wealthy candidates in South Africa Mogens K. Justesen, Stanislav Markus
20170705AA Pre-analysis plan for: Survey experiment on information, inequality, and poverty in South Africa Mogens K. Justesen
20170629AA Certainty and Factual Questions (This design is gated) Matthew H Graham 12/29/2018
20170626AB Aid for Peace: The Effect of Foreign Aid on Violent Conflict in Africa Chris Grady
20170626AA American Risk Perception Survey Jeffrey Friedman
20170619AA Assessing the Determinants of Office-Seeking William Marble, Nathan Lee
20170618AA Female Employment and Household Bargaining Steve Monroe, Amaney Jamal, Carolyn Barnett
20170617AA Understanding Japanese Voters’ Attitudes toward the Global Refugee Crisis Yusaku Horiuchi, Yoshikuni Ono
20170616AA Using Public Video Feeds to Understand Intergroup Exposure on the Streets of New York (This design is gated) Melissa Sands, Bryce J. Dietrich 01/01/2018
20170615AB Contextual differences in the perception of thermal comfort scales – a large-scale international questionnaire study (This design is gated) Marcel Schweiker, Rucha Amin, Susanne Becker, Joon-Ho Choi, Chungyoon Chun, Stephanie Gauthier, Runa T. Hellwig, Gesche Margarethe Huebner, Jungsoo Kim, Meng-Chieh Jeffrey Lee, Di Mou, Karin Schakib-Ekbatan, David Shipworth, Despoina Teli 08/31/2018
20170615AA Understanding the Downstream Effects of Aid on Political Perceptions and Behavior Brigitte Seim, Ryan Jablonski
20170614AA Public Opinion on Electricity Supply: Evidence from Uttar Pradesh Brian Blankenship, Johannes Urpelainen, Jason Chun Yu Wong
20170613AA Does protest affect street-level bureaucrats’ behavior? The case of Black Lives Matter and policing Ariel White, Soumyajit Mazumder
20170612AA Understanding Attitudes toward Syrian Refugees in Jordan (This design is gated) Ala Alrababah, Andrea Dillon, Scott Williamson, Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner, Duncan Lawrence, Jeremy Weinstein 06/05/2018
20170611AB Elite Perceptions and Violent Electoral Tactics: A Information Experiment in Kenya (This design is gated) Steven Rosenzweig 08/08/2018
20170611AA Can partisan canvassing increase voter turnout at a low saliency election? A UK-based partisan field experiment: Pre-Analysis Plan Joshua Townsley
20170609AC Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) Endorsements and Support for Syrian Refugee Resettlement (This design is gated) Brian Greenhill 06/09/2018
20170609AB Learning about Cumulative Learning: Evidence from a Field Experiment Gareth Nellis, Thad Dunning, Guy Grossman, Macartan Humphreys, Susan Hyde, Craig McIntosh, Catlan Reardon
20170609AA Issue ownership in the UK General Election 2017 Peter John, Florian Foos
20170608AA Military Enrollment, the Welfare State, and Free Trade in America Adam Dean, Ethan Porter
20170606AA The Effects of Media Messages on Social Attitudes in Uganda Phase III Donald Green, Anna Wilke, Jasper Jack Cooper, Susanne Baltes
20170603AA Overcoming the Trust Deficit: A Field Experiment on Inter-Group Contact in Iraq Salma Mousa
20170602AA Diversity and Social Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Leopoldo Fergusson, Juliana Londono-Velez
20170531AA Assessing Whether Subtle Linguistic Cues in Mobilization Appeals Have Outsized Effects on Voter Turnout in a High-Salience Presidential Election (This design is gated) Alan Gerber, Gregory Huber, Albert Fang 11/01/2018
20170527AA Islamic Party Incumbency and Religious Conflict in Indonesia Gareth Nellis, Nicholas Kuipers, Michael Weaver
20170525AB How family experience shapes xenophobic attitudes: Evidence from forced relocation Vasiliki Fouka, Elias Dinas
20170525AA When Governments Make Dreams Come True: The Political Effects of Public Housing (This design is gated) Natália S. Bueno, Felipe Nunes, Cesar Zucco Jr. 07/31/2018
20170524AA Business Interests and Policy Making (This design is gated) Christian Grose, Jordan Carr Peterson 05/24/2018
20170523AA Tax morale: a cross-country experimental study Jon Mellon, Fredrik Sjoberg, Tiago Peixoto, Lily Tsai, Johannes Hemker
20170522AA Public Opinion on Labor Market Issues in Mexico Andy Baker
20170520AA Public Works and Welfare: A Randomized Control Trial of the Community Works and Local Participation Project in Rural Tunisia Eric Mvukiyehe, Laura R Ralston
20170519AA Political Segregation in Post-Brexit Britain Jon Mellon
20170517AA Exceptionalism and Exemptionalism: Framing Public Opinion on the International Criminal Court (This design is gated) Kelebogile Zvobgo 11/17/2018
20170516AA Survey Experiment of Business Election Involvement in North Africa Robert Kubinec
20170515AB The Effect of Tiredness on Political and Social Behavior Jerome Schafer, John Holbein
20170515AA Spillover in Perceptions of Crime Alexander Sahn
20170511AA Ethnic prejudice and support for foreign investment (This design is gated) Diego Fossati 10/31/2018
20170510AA Information from the Internet and public opinion. The Theresa May case Claudia Zucca
20170509AB Impact evaluation of a new homicide investigation policy in Bogotá D.C. Daniela Collazos, Leopoldo Fergusson, Miguel Emilio La Rota, Daniel Mejía, Daniel Ortega
20170509AA Depoliticizing Intergovernmental Transfers through Independent Fiscal Councils: Experimental Evidence from Canada Kyle Hanniman, Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant
20170508AB Lazy or Unlucky? African Attitudes about Poverty John A Doces
20170508AA Belief in false news on social media (This design is gated) Brendan Nyhan 11/08/2018
20170507AA Authoritative or Collaborative Messages? An Online Field Experiment in Campaign Advertisement (This design is gated) Anselm Rink 11/07/2018
20170506AA Do Politicians Skew Resources Towards Men's or Women's Policy Priorities? A Survey Experiment with Ugandan Politicians Kristin Michelitch, Guy Grossman, Sang-Eun (Cecilia) Kim