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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20181023AA Political Speech and Attitudes toward Immigrants (This design is gated) Petra Schleiter, Margit Tavits, Dalston Ward 04/01/2020
20181022AA GOTV Field Experiment on MSU first-year students: In-class voter interventions (This design is gated) Kjerstin Thorson, Daniel E. Bergan, Dustin Carnahan, Nazita Lajevardi, Mel Medeiros, Sarah Reckhow 04/22/2020
20181019AA Perceptions of Factual Basis for Policy Views (This design is gated) Matthew H Graham 04/19/2020
20181018AA Persistence of Attitudes in the Catalan Conflict (This design is gated) Laia Balcells, Jose Fernandez-Albertos, Alexander Kuo 12/31/2019
20181017AB Race, Class, and Ability: Examining Bureaucratic Responsiveness and Discrimination in Public and Charter High Schools (This design is gated) Matthew B. Incantalupo, Zachary W. Oberfield 04/18/2020
20181017AA The Political Economy of NGO Service Delivery: Evidence from a Downstream Field Experiment in Uganda Jeremy Springman
20181016AA Estimating Survey Response Rates for Demographic Questions Matthew Baum, Rebecca Goldstein, Maya Sen
20181015AA Policing in Multiethnic Societies: A Conjoint Experiment in Uganda Travis B. Curtice
20181013AA Can Intergroup Contact Affect Attitudes: A Natural Experiment in Israeli Medical Clinics Chagai M. Weiss
20181012AA The Effects of Women-Only Mentoring Workshops in Academic Political Science (This design is gated) Tali Mendelberg, Andrew Tyner, Lisa Argyle 04/12/2020
20181010AB Micro effects of aid projects in Afghanistan: A pre-analysis plan Renard Sexton, Christoph Zuercher
20181010AA State Recognition of Traditional Authority, Voting Behavior, and Identity: Experimental and Observational Evidence from the Philippines (This design is gated) Nina McMurry 04/09/2020
20181006AA Estimating the effect of LinkNYC on voter registration and participation Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Melissa Sands
20181005AA Clientelist Candidates and Voting Behavior in Brazil Luke Plutowski
20181003AA Party, policy, and democracy: What do voters value in candidates? (study has been modified, see 20181024AB) John Michael Carey, Katherine Clayton, Gretchen Helmke, Brendan Nyhan, Mitch Sanders, Susan Stokes Abandoned
20181001AA Comparing Methods for Brainstorming and Prioritization in a Participatory Environmental Monitoring Workshop Jordi Honey-Rosés, Oscar Zapata
20180927AB Social Norms of Voting – An Initial Test in Malawi Leah Rosenzweig
20180927AA Who Cares? Measuring Attitude Strength in a Polarized Environment Charlotte Cavaille, Daniel L. Chen, Karine Van der Straeten
20180925AB Preanalysis Plan for Campaign Finance Disclosure and the Policy-Valence Tradeoff Abby K. Wood
20180925AA Preanalysis Plan for “Effects of Disclosure on Use of Campaign Finance Vouchers” Abby K. Wood, Christopher S. Elmendorf
20180920AB Citizen-State Relations in Informal Settlements in Lagos, Nigeria Leah Rosenzweig, Nicole Wilson
20180920AA Long-run Effects of Non-Food Item Vouchers in a Humanitarian Context: The Case of the Rapid Response to Movements of Population Program in Congo John Quattrochi, Ghislain Bisimwa, Maarten Voors, Peter Van der Windt
20180919AA Attentive Public Attitudes towards International Cooperation: A survey-experiment assessing the impact of perceived lessons of history and policy leadership Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Thomas Wynter
20180918AB Homophobic and Transphobic Voting Behavior in Established Democracies (This design is gated) Gabriele Magni, Andrew Reynolds 03/20/2020
20180918AA Speciesism and the Connection to Other Human Prejudices Sparsha Saha
20180914AA How do Brazilian voters trade school quality and other government outputs when evaluating municipal politicians? Taylor Boas, Guillermo Toral
20180912AA Information and Migration (This design is gated) Sandra Morgenstern 01/01/2020
20180910AB Incorporating Choice into Design and Analysis of Survey Experiments Paul Testa
20180910AA Information and Accountability: Evidence from India Tanushree Goyal, Robin Harding
20180906AA Democratizing Research: New Advances in Survey Methodology Bryan Wilcox-Archuleta
20180905AA Policy Attitude Formation under Uncertainty Love Christensen
20180904AB Weathering the Storm: Discordant Learning about Reputations for Reliability Bailee Donahue, Mark J.C. Crescenzi
20180904AA Experienced temperature and health Harry Kennard, Gesche Margarethe Huebner, David Shipworth
20180903AA Demographic threat and the classification of ambiguously White/Latino faces (This design is gated) Maria Abascal 02/07/2020
20180831AA Voter evaluations of candidate socioeconomic characteristics Sophie Hill
20180829AA Defining Contentious Political Action (This design is gated) Pearce Edwards, Daniel Arnon 02/29/2020
20180827AB Bundled Government Benefits and the Demand for Spending? Vivekinan Ashok, Gregory Huber
20180827AA Community Policing Metaketa Project Graeme Blair, Fotini Christia, Cyrus Samii, Jeremy Weinstein, Emile Badran, Robert Blair, Ali Cheema, Thiemo Fetzer, Guy Grossman, Dotan Haim, Rebecca Hanson, Ali Hasanain, Ben Kachero, Dorothy Kronick, Jacob Shapiro, Benjamin Morse, Robert Muggah, Barbara Silva, Matthew Nanes, Pedro CL Souza, Lily Tsai, Susan Hyde
20180826AA Neighbourhoods and local public goods: evidence from a housing lottery Simon Franklin
20180822AA Moral Codes and Wartime Calculus: Assessing Public Attitudes about Civilian Casualties Sarah Kreps, Stephen Roblin
20180821AB Trading Justice for Punishment: A conjoint analysis of citizen’s preferences for reducing mass incarceration Paul Testa
20180821AA Election-Related Violence and Vote Choice Steven Rosenzweig
20180819AB Backpacking to Abate Bigotry Tyler Reny
20180819AA Frames for Ingroup Policing during Conflict David Romney
20180817AA Letting Communities Take Charge: A Randomized Controlled Trial on Sustaining Schools in Afghanistan Dana Burde, Joel Middleton, Cyrus Samii
20180816AB Community monitoring to facilitate climate change adaptation by local institutions in water-scarce regions of Central America Francisco Alpízar, Maria Bernedo, Paul Ferraro
20180816AA Understanding Attitudes About Political Candidates and Elections (This design is gated) Christian Grose, Jane Junn, Natalie Masuoka 12/31/2019
20180815AA Still One Drop of Blood? The New Rules of Racial Classification in the U.S. Ariela Schachter, René Flores, Neda Maghbouleh
20180814AB Pre-Analysis Plan for Summer 2018 Immigration Experiment Joshua Kalla, David Broockman
20180814AA Measuring Schooling Norms Melina Platas