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20171210AA Alabama Special Senate Election Canvassing Study
20171208AA Formal and Informal Determinants of Economic Exchange: Conjoint and Survey Experiments Abhit Bhandari
20171206AA Who Runs, Who Communicates and Who Votes: An Experiment in Effective Political Communication Chloe Singer, Christopher Mann
20171205AB Institutional Effects on the Perception of Gender Bias in Judicial Selection Nancy B. Arrington
20171205AA Perceptions of infectious disease risk and policy response to the opioid crisis in US states and localities Lilla Orr
20171129AA Domestic Kindling, International Sparks (This design is gated) Meir Alkon 05/29/2019
20171128AA Exploring Manipulation Checks, Political Knowledge, and Analogies Jason Barabas, Ph.D.
20171127AB (Dis)confirmation of election pledge fulfilment expectations Niels Markwat
20171127AA Successful and Unsuccessful Vicarious Intergroup Contact Chris Grady
20171124AA Does Public Opinion Affect Elite Speech? Predicting Sentiment Using Machine Learning Techniques (This design is gated) Anselm Rink, Hanno Hilbig 05/24/2019
20171122AC Media trust and news consumption: Evidence from survey and behavioral measures (This design is gated) Andrew Guess, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler 05/01/2019
20171122AB Charitable Giving: A Closer Look at Two Psychological Mechanisms (This design is gated) 03/06/2019
20171122AA How Union Activists Perceive the Utility of Constitutional Rights Adam Chilton, Mila Versteeg
20171121AB Triple Context Effects Mario Callegaro, Douglas Rivers, Norbert Schwarz
20171121AA Counterframes, Counterargument, and Confusion: Do Citizens Benefit from Hearing Both Sides? Ryan Cotter, Milton Lodge, Robert Vidigal
20171120AB Fighting Corruption, Curbing Cynicism: The Public Opinion Consequences of Judicial Activism Against Corruption in Latin America Nara Pavão, Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos
20171120AA Perception of Mobility and Trust in Government: An Experimental Approach Hyeon Seok (Tom) Yu
20171119AA Debates and Discussion: A Randomized Field Experiment in Nepal Nahomi Ichino
20171117AC Citizen Satisfaction, Expectations, and Comparative Performance Information Nathan Favero, Minjung Kim
20171117AB The Impact of Marijuana Sale at Pharmacies on Users’ Stigmatization and Regulation’s Approval María del Rosario Queirolo Velasco, Eliana Álvarez, Lorena Repetto
20171117AA Do Scandals Matter? An Conjoint Experiment in the U.K. Tzu-Ping Liu
20171115AA Response Bias as a Consequence of Incentives or Altruism in Invitations to Participate Morten Hjortskov, Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen
20171114AA The Argument of Force: The Effectiveness of State Violence in Fighting Against Secessionist Movements Joan Barceló
20171113AC Unemployment Insurance and Investment in Task-specific Skills: experimental evidence John Ahlquist, Ben W. Ansell
20171113AB Do partisan campaigning activities have “downstream effects” on voter turnout at subsequent elections? Evidence from a UK-based partisan GOTV experiment. Joshua Townsley
20171113AA Emotions on thermal comfort Gesche Margarethe Huebner
20171109AB Four GOTV-experiments at the Danish Local Elections 2017 Jonas Hedegaard Hansen, Kasper M. Hansen
20171109AA Estimating the Electoral and Non-Electoral Effects of Restoring Voting Rights to Citizens with Felony Convictions: A Field Experiment During the November 2017 Virginia General Election Victoria Shineman
20171107AA The long run impact of perspective-taking intervention Gabor Simonovits, Gabor Kezdi, Peter Kardos
20171106AC Does Inducing the Emotion of Awe Reduce Dehumanization of Out-groups? Jennifer McCoy, Zachary Goldberg, Alban Lauka
20171106AB Voting Festivals as a Method of GOTV: Voter Mobilization in the 2017 Elections Donald Green, Oliver A McClellan
20171106AA Personalization and Trust in the Police: an Experiment Jennifer McCoy, Alban Lauka, Zachary Goldberg
20171105AA Text messages for GOTV in Portland (OR) 2017 General Election Christopher Mann
20171104AB Elite Cues and Endorsement Experiments in Conflict Contexts Natalia Garbiras Diaz, Aila Matanock, Miguel Garcia-Sanchez
20171104AA Assessing Attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act William Hobbs, Daniel Hopkins
20171103AA Can Facebook Ads and Email Messages Increase Fiscal State Capacity? Experimental Evidence from Venezuela Federico Ortega
20171101AA The Impacts of a Randomized Housing Policy in Uruguay Craig McIntosh, Felipe Monestier, Rafael Piñeiro, Fernando Rosenblatt, Guadalupe Tuñón
20171027AA Selective Application of Gender Norms? Wartime Sexual Violence and Responses to Civil Conflict Anne-Kathrin Kreft, Mattias Agerberg
20171025AA The Influence of Social Reference Groups on Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Absenteeism and Dropout from Vocational Education Simon Calmar Andersen, Morten Hjortskov
20171024AC Building Judicial Legitimacy or Inviting Institutional Backlash? Kenya’s Supreme Court and the Invalidation of the 2017 Presidential Election Eric Kramon, Brandon Bartels, Jeremy Horowitz
20171024AB Group cues and political mobilization and salience Michele Margolis
20171024AA Turning Up, Tuning In, Turning Out: Experimental Evidence from Liberia Jeremy Bowles, Horacio Larreguy
20171023AA Local Partners for Local Problems: When Does Foreign Security Assistance Undermine Public Support for Local Combatants? Austin Knuppe
20171022AA Improving Local Service Provision Delivery in Eastern Congo: An Impact Evaluation of the Tuungane 2+ Interventions Ann Laudati, Eric Mvukiyehe
20171020AA Community Forest Monitoring and Awareness of Forest Use Rules in Uganda Sabrina Eisenbarth, Louis Graham, Chaning Jang, Ariana Keyman, Anouk Rigterink
20171019AA Fostering Tolerance in a Religiously Divided Neighborhood. A Randomized Controlled Trial (This design is gated) 04/19/2019
20171018AA How Political and Institutional Contexts Affect Behavioral Responses to Discrimination in the United States (This design is gated) Albert Fang 04/17/2019
20171017AA Does Anger (Anxiety) Promote Support for Punitive (Protective) Immigration Policies? Study 2 Yamil Velez
20171016AA Trump Messaging GOTV Experiment (This design is gated) Joshua Kalla 03/31/2019
20171015AA Political Lie Detection Jonathan Woon