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20170504AA Legacy Institutions and Political Order in Weak States: Evidence from Chad Paul Thissen
20170503AC Breaking Down Barriers to Naturalization for Low-Income Immigrants: The Impacts of Monetary Encouragements and Behavioral Nudges Jens Hainmueller, David Laitin, Duncan Lawrence, Michael Hotard
20170503AB Assessing recall, recognition, and salience of political information in candidate evaluation Casey Ste Claire
20170503AA Participatory, Responsive Governance in Niger Ariel BenYishay, Lisa Mueller, Philip Roessler
20170501AD The effects of a Hausa Language Television Channel on Attitudes in Northern Nigeria Chris Grady, Jake Bowers
20170501AC Managerial Decision Making Sean Webeck, Sean Nicholson-Crotty, Jill Nicholson-Crotty
20170501AB How Social Elites and Social Peers Moderate Social Learning Chris Grady, Jake Bowers
20170501AA Geographic Identity Elizabeth Mitchell
20170428AA Trump and Japan: The Effect of a New Presidency on Global Public Opinion Yusaku Horiuchi, Alexander Agadjanian
20170427AA Behavioral Experiments in an Online Labor Market (This design is gated) Stephen Herzog, Kyle Peyton, Peter Aronow 10/27/2018
20170426AA A survey experiment on the public's attitude towards open and devious raises to politicians' wages Jens Olav Dahlgaard, Lene Holm Pedersen
20170423AB Politicians' Contentious and Institutional Responses to Scandals in their Party: Experimental Evidence from South Korea. Joan Cho, Dominika Kruszewska
20170423AA Stewards of Accountability: A Field Experiment on Corruption & Inefficiency in Local Public Works Paul Lagunes
20170422AA Effects of Language and Socioeconomic Cues in Advertisements on White's Attitudes Toward Immigration Rebeca J. Agosto Rosa
20170421AA Improving Political Communication: A Field Experiment in Pakistan (Pilot) Miriam Golden, Saad Gulzar, Luke Sonnet
20170420AA Exploring the Impact of Donald Trump, Environmental Practices, and LGBT Employee Policies on Consumer Preferences Donald Green, Costas Panagopoulos, Jonathan Krasno, Michael Schwam-Baird, Kyle Endres
20170417AB The Political Determinants of Economic Exchange (This design is gated) Abhit Bhandari 08/31/2018
20170417AA Project on the Quality of Primary Health Care in Lebanon: Facility-Level Study (FLS) Melani Cammett, Aytug Sasmaz
20170416AA Lottery Wealth and Entrepreneurship in the Great American Desert Jason Poulos
20170414AA Contesting a Protector: Explaining Local Public Opposition to U.S. Military Bases Abroad Claudia J. Kim, Taylor Boas
20170413AC Pre-Analysis Plan for the Corporate PAC Experiment in the Stanford Opinion Study Zhao Li
20170413AB International Public Support for Self-Determination Groups: Exploring Support for Different Tactics Stephen Arves, Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham
20170413AA Influences of Regime Type on Public Opinion Yusaku Horiuchi, Alexandra Woodruff
20170412AB Effects of Public Health Messages about Zika (This design is gated) Victoria Chi, D.J. Flynn, Brendan Nyhan 10/12/2018
20170412AA Ethnic and Religious Discrimination and the Role of Soft Information – Field Experimental Evidence from the Danish Labor Market Malte Rokkjær Dahl
20170403AA Attractiveness of a broader range of TVT tariffs and their marketing Gesche Margarethe Huebner, Moira Nicolson, Michael Fell
20170330AA The Everyday State: Measuring the Power of Nationally Unifying Symbols Jonathan Hassid
20170329AA When Do Elected Officials Help Immigrants Become Citizens? A Field Experiment in Germany (This design is gated) Jeyhun Alizade, Rafaela Dancygier, Ruth Ditlmann 09/29/2018
20170328AA Decider in Chief? Public Misperceptions about Presidential Power (This design is gated) Scott Clifford, D.J. Flynn, Brendan Nyhan 09/28/2018
20170325AA Replication, update and, robustness analysis of ‘Energy and economic growth in the USA: a multivariate approach’ Stephan Bruns, Johannes König, David I. Stern
20170324AA The Impact of an extended Cooling-off Period in the Consumer Finance Market Thomas Spycher
20170323AA Community Mobilization during the Civil War in Nepal John Porten
20170322AB Party Persuasion about Gun Policy (Exp. 2 - 2016 CCES Survey Experiments) Christopher Mann, Gregory Koger
20170322AA Gun Policy Influence on Candidate Choice (Exp. 1 - 2016 CCES Survey Experiments) Christopher Mann, Gregory Koger
20170321AB Do museums promote reconciliation? A field experiment in Santiago, Chile (This design is gated) Laia Balcells, Valeria Palanza, Elsa Voytas 09/21/2018
20170321AA Refugees and Native Reactions in Germany (This design is gated) Amaney Jamal, Rafaela Dancygier 09/21/2018
20170320AC Measuring Skin Color: Can We Improve Upon the Massey-Martin Scale? Christopher S. Elmendorf, Marisa Abrajano, Kevin M. Quinn
20170320AB Distribution and Group Dynamics (This design is gated) Megan A. Stewart, Todd S. Sechser 09/20/2018
20170320AA Motivating Waste Reduction and Recycling in the University Workplace: An Experimental Evaluation of Negatively-framed Collective Incentives Richard M. Walker, Ivan P. Lee, Nicolai Petrovsky, Janet WU
20170317AA The Language of Morality (This design is gated) Abigail Post 09/17/2018
20170312AA Factual (In)accuracy and Partisan Selective Exposure D.J. Flynn
20170310AA Social heuristics as a tool for political member generating - A field experiment in the Danish Consumer Council Danni Toftegaard Vander
20170309AA Impact Assessment of the Law Enforcement Response to Cashgate Brigitte Seim
20170308AB The Effect of Projections of Racial Composition in the United States Sean Richey
20170308AA Mobile Phone Ownership, Uptake and Usage of Digital Financial Services and Women’s Empowerment: A Field Experiment in Tanzania Philip Roessler, Peter Carroll, Flora Myamba, Daniel Nielson
20170307AA Voter Registration in Kenya: A Field Experiment to Overcome Information and/or Operational Barriers to Registration Peter Van Der Windt, J. Andrew Harris
20170302AA Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) Endorsements and Support for REDD+ scheme Brian Greenhill
20170301AA Missionaries and Democratization (This design is gated) Anselm Rink 09/01/2018
20170227AC The Effect of Deferred Action on the Mental Health of Children of Undocumented Immigrants Jens Hainmueller, Duncan Lawrence, Lucila Figueroa , Michael Hotard, Tomás Jiménez , David Laitin, Fernando S. Mendoza, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, Jonas Swartz
20170227AB Voter Behavior and Crime Alexander Sahn