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20151116AB Building Trust in a Reformed Security Sector: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial with the Liberian National Police Sabrina Karim, Robert Blair, Benjamin Morse
20151116AA Political Endorsements and Cross-Ethnic Voting in Africa Leonardo Arriola, Donghyun Danny Choi, Matthew K. Gichohi
20151114AA Not in My Backyard: An Experimental Assessment of Public Reactions to International Prosecutions in Kyrgyzstan Stephen Chaudoin, Terrence Chapman
20151112AB The Sources of Credibility for Election Observation Organizations: A Global Experiment on Non-Governmental Organizations Daniel Nielson, Susan Hyde, Judith Kelley
20151112AA Yes Minister? ’Identity Priming' of Future Civil Servants in the Danish Central Government Lasse Emil Frost
20151107AA Emotions, Impunity, and Victimization: Survey Experiments on Justice and Foreign Policy in Georgia Alexander Kupatadze, Thomas Zeitzoff
20151103AA Harnessing the Crowd to Improve Accountability for the Delivery of Public Services Mark Buntaine, Daniel Nielson
20151102AC Political and Economic Targeting of Development Aid: A Field Experiment among Elected Officials in Malawi Brigitte Seim, Ryan Jablonski
20151102AB Bilateral Bargaining With 3rd Party Intervention Rick Wilson, Songying Fang
20151102AA Politicians: Experimental Evidence on Candidacy M. Yasir Khan
20151030AA Pre-Analysis Plan for Fall 2015 Los Angeles Abortion Stigma Experiment Joshua Kalla
20151027AA Recruiting Subjects for Online Surveys: Facebook versus Mechanical Turk Taylor Boas, Dino Christenson, David Glick
20151023AA Proposed Survey Questions on Shared Sovereignty and Criminal Corruption in Guatemala Aila Matanock, Natalia Garbiras Diaz
20151019AA 'Local Warming' and Climate Change Political Speech Nick Obradovich, Jason Jones, Adrian Borsa, Jennifer Burney
20151017AA License to Kill: Support for Protest and Repression Tactics Thomas Zeitzoff, Dave Armstrong, Christian Davenport
20151016AC Cross Pressured Voters and Voting Costas Panagopoulos, Kyle Endres
20151016AB Americans, Not Partisans: Using a More Subtle Prime Matthew Levendusky
20151016AA Civic Education and Electoral Observation in Violent Elections Aila Matanock, Manuela Travaglianti, Justine M. Davis
20151014AB Investigator Characteristics and Respondent Behavior in Online Surveys, Part 2 Christopher Lucas, Connor Huff, Dominika Kruszewska, Anton Strezhnev, Ariel White
20151014AA Authoritarian Audiences in International Crises: Evidence from China Allan Dafoe, Jessica Weiss
20151013AB Understanding Subject Beliefs in Survey Experiments Nicholas Weller, Robert Joseph Huddleston
20151013AA Elections and Public Opinion in Venezuela John Michael Carey, Brendan Nyhan, Thomas Zeitzoff
20151012AA Does Exposure to Poverty Change Preferences for Redistribution? Melissa Sands
20151006AB Mobile money, Schooling, and the Poor Claire Adida, Jennifer Burney, Ganz Chockalingam
20151006AA Social Learning, Gender, and Willingness to Pay for Solar Lanterns Yonas Alem, Eugenie M. Dugoua
20151003AA Diversity in Faculty Recruitment: Consensus or Disagreement among Students? Yusaku Horiuchi, John Michael Carey, Madeline M. Brown, Lauren K. Martin
20150930AB The Effects of Authoritarian Iconography: An Experimental Test Aaron Erlich, Yael Zeira
20150930AA A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination in Denmark Malte Rokkjær Dahl, Niels Krog
20150929AB Signaling repression: How citizens assess personal risk Lauren Young
20150929AA The psychology of political risk: Replication and extension Lauren Young
20150928AB Motivated Reasoning, In-Group and Anti-Elite Bias, and the NFL Deflategate Controversy John Michael Carey, Brendan Nyhan, Benjamin Valentino
20150928AA Assessing the Links between Economic Interventions and Stability: An impact evaluation of INVEST, vocational and skills training in Kandahar, Afghanistan Jason Lyall, Kosuke Imai, Yang-Yang Zhou
20150927AA Quantifying the Effect of Facebook Advertisements on Young Voters' Voting Behavior toward Incumbent and Challenger Representatives Donald Green
20150925AA The Effect of Information and Local Intermediaries on Vote Choice: A Field Experiment in Bihar Simon Chauchard, Neelanjan Sircar
20150924AA Firm-Investment From Conflict Zones: The Case of Burma Nathan Jensen, Ishva Minefee
20150922AA An Experiment on the Political Effects of Online Comments Lefteris Anastasopoulos, Maya Sen
20150921AA Inviting Immigrants in: Increasing Political Participation among Immigrants in Norway Richard Matland, Johannes Bergh, Dag Arne Christensen
20150917AA What messages encourage political participation in young South Africans? Adam Berinsky, Daniel de Kadt, Kate Orkin, Daniel Posner
20150915AA When the Sorting Hat Sorts Randomly: A Natural Experiment on Culture Joan Ricart-Huguet, Elizabeth Levy Paluck
20150914AA Pass the Loonie: Credit, Blame, and the Global Competition for Investment. Nathan Jensen, Edmund Malesky
20150903AB Cheating to get ahead: How sensitive is corruption to strategic considerations? Marlene Guraieb
20150903AA The Effects of Foreign Aid and Investment on Tax Compliance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lab-in-the-Field Evidence from Liberia Robert Blair, Philip Roessler
20150827AA A Survey Experiment on Voter Preferences and Receptiveness to Information in Rural Burkina Faso Malte Lierl, Marcus Holmlund
20150825AA The Long-Term Impact of Mobilization and Repression on Democratic Attitudes Scott Desposato, Gang Wang
20150824AB Stigma, Sympathy, and the Double Edge of Strong Ties: Social Capital Activation in Job Searches Sanaz Mobasseri, Sameer B. Srivastava, András Tilcsik
20150824AA There are no bad guys in education?: Experimental evidence on race and class bias in K-12 principals Holger Kern, Charles Crabtree, Jason Jones, Chris Fariss
20150820AA Meet the Candidates: Information and Accountability in Primary and General Elections Melina Platas, Pia Raffler
20150819AB What matters to Pakistani Voters? Clientelism, Ethnicity and Violence Niloufer Siddiqui
20150819AA The Effect of Redactions on Conspiracy Theory Belief Brendan Nyhan, Franklin Dickinson, Sasha Dudding, Dylgjeri, Eric Neiley, Chris Pullerits, Minae Seog, Andrew Simpson, Heather Szilagyi, Colin Walmsey
20150813AB Exploring the Impact of Corporate Political Contributions on Consumers Donald Green, Jonathan Krasno, Costas Panagopoulos, Michael Schwam-Baird, Eric Moore