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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20200214AA Land Allocation and Development: Understanding Intra-Household Bargaining in Myanmar Edmund Malesky, Lakshmi Iyer, Alexandra C. Hartman
20200213AA In the Eyes of the Rising Power: Power Shifts and Chinese Public Support for the Use of Force Joshua Byun, D.G. Kim, Sichen Li
20200212AD Discourse entrepreneurs? Radical-right success and emotions in the political debate Tobias Widmann, Vicente Valentim
20200212AC Avoiding the Blame Game: The Domestic Political Costs of Aid Withdrawal Cleo O'Brien-Udry
20200212AB Impact Evaluation of BISP's Transition to Biometric Verification Muhammad Haseeb, Bilal Murtaza Siddiqi, Kate Vyborny, Amen Jalal
20200212AA Citizen Participation in Hybrid Regimes Danielle Jung, Pearce Edwards, Patrick Pierson
20200211AF Experimental Evidence of the Sources of Support for Anti-Human Trafficking Policy (This design is gated) Rachel Harmon 02/11/2021
20200211AE Gender-Based Asylum: Public Perceptions of Asylum Seekers and the Role of Gender (This design is gated) Hannah Fleischmann, David R. Davis 02/12/2021
20200211AD Ethnic Representational Priorities and Citizen Action (This design is gated) William O'Brochta 05/31/2021
20200211AC Citizen Responses to Ethnic Representation (This design is gated) William O'Brochta 05/31/2021
20200211AB How do wealth and income affect individuals’ attitudes towards redistribution and taxation? Ben W. Ansell, Asli Cansunar, Jonas Markgraf, Laure Bokobza, Jacob Nyrup
20200211AA Experimental Component of Summer Bridge Program Evaluation (This design is gated) Kosuke Imai, Rebecca Johnson 06/01/2021
20200210AB Corporate Responsibility, Contested Credibility, and the Regulation of Global Supply Chains (This design is gated) Matthew Amengual, Tim Bartley 08/11/2020
20200210AA Political Participation After Conflict: Experimental Evidence From Ex-combatants in Colombia Mateo Vásquez-Cortés, Cyrus Samii
20200208AA Are Occupations Devalued Because They Contain More Women? Catherine J. Taylor, Paula England, Tamar Kricheli-Katz, Asaf Levanon
20200206AA Confidence and Overconfidence in Politicians’ Perception of Public Opinion: A Study with Legislators in Five Countries (This design is gated) Lior Sheffer, Peter Loewen 06/02/2020
20200204AA Assessing the mechanisms of gender empowerment using a cluster-randomized, placebo-controlled trial Anselm Hager (né Rink), Carlo Koos
20200203AA Faux Chat William Schulz
20200201AA Effects on Reelection Rates of the Introduction of Merit Civil Service Appointments in U.S. States Miriam Golden, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Stephane Wolton
20200131AD Heroes in the House, Soldiers in the Senate, and Grunts for Governor: Evaluating Veteran Candidates in U.S. Elections Paul Merklinger
20200131AC Understanding Voter Responses to Bystander Legislative Colleagues (This design is gated) Whitney Hua, Nicholas Napolio, Jordan Carr Peterson, Christian Grose 01/31/2021
20200131AB Violence and the Development of Risk-Sharing Networks: Evidence from Myanmar Daniel Robert Thomas
20200131AA The National Citizen Service and political engagement: a quasi-experiment Patrick Taylor
20200130AE The Liar's Dividend: The Impact of Deepfakes and Fake News on Trust in Political Discourse Daniel Schiff, Kaylyn Jackson Schiff
20200130AD Fragile Masculinity (This design is gated) Katharine Khanna, Tey Meadow 08/01/2021
20200130AC Asymmetrical Treatment Effects in Policy Persuasion Oliver A McClellan
20200130AB Military Service Completion and the Formation of National Identity Manuel Bagues, Christopher Roth
20200130AA Geographic Mobility and Identity Formation Manuel Bagues, Christopher Roth
20200129AC Who is the boss?
Gendered Issue Ownership, Stereotypes and Political Engagement Julia Maria Rubio, Oliver A McClellan
20200129AB The Price of Persuasion: Costs and Benefits of Counter-Party Positions Oliver A McClellan
20200129AA Training Ambassadors for Peace: A Field Experiment on an Intergroup Contact Program in Israel Ruth Ditlmann, Nejla Asimovic, Cyrus Samii
20200127AD Supporting Mano Dura: Police Practices and Citizens’ Perceptions of Deservingness Lucía Tiscornia, Verónica Pérez, Juan Albarracín, Leslie MacColman
20200127AC Asian Values and Democratic Viability: A Study of the Effects of Political Values on Thai Support for Democracy Joel Selway, Darren Hawkins, Marisa Gonzalez-Mabbutt, Adam Roberts, Jaquelyn Smith
20200127AB Patriarchy and Politics: A Study of the Effects of Buddhism on Support for Women in Government in Thailand Joel Selway, Darren Hawkins, Audrey Stacey, Leach Crockett, Matthew Sanders, Sariah Hong
20200127AA Buddhism & Democracy Joel Selway, Darren Hawkins, Elden Griggs, Nathan Hales, Amber Hutchinson, Megan Tanner
20200124AC Perceptions of drug use and medical exposure to opioids (This design is gated) Lilla Orr 01/01/2021
20200124AB Pre-Analysis Plan for “Public opinion on nuclear energy and nuclear weapons: The attitudinal nexus in the United States” (This design is gated) Jonathon Baron, Stephen Herzog 01/24/2021
20200124AA The Foundations of Social Policy Support: (In)Effective Tax Institutions and Social Policy Preferences Israel Marques II, Sarah Wilson Sokhey
20200122AA Community Policing in Uganda Robert Blair, Guy Grossman, Anna Wilke
20200120AB Rebels in Representative Democracies. The Appeal and Consequences of Political Defection in Europe – Main study I Lea Kaftan, Sven-Oliver Proksch, Christopher Wratil, Dominik Duell, Jonathan Slapin
20200120AA The Effect of Administrative Rules on Primary Election Outcomes Alexander Agadjanian, Dean Lacy, Zachary Daniel Markovich
20200117AC Clientelism and Public Goods Provision in Nepal Jeevan Baniya, Stephen Meserve, Daniel Pemstein, Brigitte Seim
20200117AB Benchmarking and norm change (This design is gated) Julia Schulte-Cloos, Vicente Valentim, Elias Dinas 07/17/2021
20200117AA The National Citizen Service and political engagement: developing a theory through process tracing Patrick Taylor
20200116AD Choosing Propaganda: Why Audiences Watch and Believe State Television News Ashley Blum
20200116AC Equivalency Framing of Societal Problems and Policy Solutions Amy Lerman, Alexander Sahn, Laura Stoker
20200116AB Source and Labeling Effects in Government Response to Protest: A Survey Experiment in China Daniel Arnon, Pearce Edwards, Handi Li
20200116AA Private Eyes in the Sky: Emerging Technology and the Political Consequences of Eroding Government Secrecy Erik Lin-Greenberg, Theo Milonopoulos
20200115AA The Paradoxical Effects of Combating Corruption on Institutional Trust and Political Engagement (This design is gated) Mathias Poertner, Nan Zhang 07/14/2021
20200114AD The Reception of Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia (This design is gated) Alisha Holland, Margaret E. Peters, Thania Sanchez, Yang-Yang Zhou 06/30/2021