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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20190529AB Social polarization in the Czech Republic Lenka Hrbková, Petr Voda, Vlastimil Havlík
20190529AA Domestic Losers, Foreign Winners? Support for Climate Action under Weak International Institutions Patrick Bayer, Federica Genovese
20190528AC Field Experiment on Regulatory Compliance in the Finance Industry: Research Design and Pre-Analysis Plan (This design is gated) Mike Findley, Daniel Nielson, Jason Sharman 11/29/2020
20190528AB Cost-Benefit Analysis and Reasons Edward Stiglitz
20190528AA Punish, Panic, or Pay No Head: Desensitization to Cybersecurity Incidents Miguel Alberto Gomez, Christopher Whyte
20190527AB Cooperation under uncertainty in natural resource management Andries Richter, Esther Schuch, Tum Nhim
20190527AA Awareness of History and Behavior of Socially Excluded Groups Diego Ramos-Toro
20190526AB Guns to Butter: Economic Concerns and Support for Militarization in Russia Maria Snegovaya
20190526AA The Third Option? Mobilizing Protest Voters and Non-Voters with Invalid Voting – a Field Experiment During the European Parliament Election 2019 (This design is gated) Andy Buschmann 08/01/2020
20190524AB Mexican Public Opinion on International Cooperation (This design is gated) Lauren Pinson 11/15/2020
20190524AA Chubby Children: The Role of Social Norms on Parents Food Choices (This design is gated) Anniek Hendriks, Trang Mai Nguyen 12/25/2019
20190522AF Sexual assault and gender solidarity Surili Sheth, Gabriel Lenz
20190522AE Anger and Echo Chambers: The Sharing of False Information Simge Andı
20190522AD Sharing Fake News in Social Media: A List Experiment Alessandro Freire, Mathieu Turgeon, Carlos Oliveira, Ryan Lloyd
20190522AC Misinformation, Sophistication, Trust and Cognitive Abilities Carlos Oliveira, Mathieu Turgeon, Ryan Lloyd, Alessandro Freire
20190522AB Perceptions of Government Waste and Redistributive Demands (This design is gated) Vivekinan Ashok 12/01/2019
20190522AA Information, Misinformation, and Political Preferences Mathieu Turgeon, Alessandro Freire, Ryan Lloyd, Carlos Oliveira
20190520AA Humiliation and International Conflict Michael Masterson
20190517AA Returnees From the Diaspora in Post-Conflict Politics Anna Ida Rock
20190516AA Social Media and Political Advocacy (This design is gated) Sean Richey, Benjamin Taylor 06/01/2020
20190515AE Intent, Race, and American Public Concern for Wartime Civilian Harm (This design is gated) Stephen Roblin 08/23/2019
20190515AD How Group Identity Shapes Opioid Treatment Policy Opinion (This design is gated) Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Michael Hankinson 09/15/2019
20190515AC Institutional determinants of elite risky behavior at subnational level: the experiment Guzel Garifullina
20190515AB Humanitarian Assistance to Refugees in Turkey Berk Özler, Scott Cunningham, Facundo P. Cuevas
20190515AA Gendered Patterns of Competence and Hirability (This design is gated) Magnus Carlsson, Henning Finseraas, Arnfinn Midtbøen 01/01/2020
20190514AA Party Identification and Memory Effects: Are Negative Outcomes for the Opposite Party Processed as Positive Stimuli? Jacqueline Colao
20190513AC Lip Service to Democracy in Western Europe (This design is gated) Lea Kaftan 12/31/2019
20190513AB The Role of Social Identity for Learning in Networks (This design is gated) Veronika Grimm, Friederike Mengel, Duygu Özdemir, Xiaoyu Zhou 10/30/2020
20190513AA Rebels in Representative Democracies. The Appeal and Consequences of Political Defection in Europe –​ Vol 1 (This design is gated) Lea Kaftan, Sven-Oliver Proksch, Christopher Wratil, Dominik Duell, Jonathan Slapin 12/31/2019
20190512AA How does argument disagreement affect posterior beliefs? (This design is gated) Dominik Duell, Catherine Hafer, Dimitri Landa 12/31/2019
20190507AB Effects of Party Cues on the Perceived Legitimacy for International Organizations Lisa M. Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
20190507AA Institutional Sources of Legitimacy for International Organizations Lisa M. Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
20190506AA Strategic Discrimination in the Democratic Presidential Primary Regina Bateson
20190503AB Testing the “Howard Hypothesis”: Do changes in the perception of border security affect support for immigration? Ryan Briggs
20190503AA Framing Financial Rescues as Migration Prevention David Leblang, Christina J. Schneider, Jennifer L. Tobin
20190430AC Understanding and stopping the spread of misinformation in India: Survey and experimental evidence (This design is gated) Michael Lerner, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, Neelanjan Sircar 10/13/2020
20190430AB Public Fears of Terrorism, Partisan Rhetoric, and the Foundations of American Interventionism Daniel Silverman, Daniel Kent, Christopher Gelpi
20190430AA Techniques to improve online survey response rates and their impact on data quality: Comparing the efficacy of textual, monetary, and data-sharing incentives (This design is gated) Alauna Safarpour, Jennifer Hadden, Sarah Bush 11/01/2020
20190429AA Forced Migration and Women’s Empowerment Anup Malani, Adam Chilton
20190427AB Authoritarian Legacies in Contemporary Radical Right Voting in Spain Jordi Muñoz, Francesc Amat
20190427AA From Clientelism to Policy-Based Campaigns in the Philippines (This design is gated) Xinyang Shane Xuan, Nico Ravanilla, Ronald U. Mendoza 05/01/2020
20190426AA Presidential Candidate Debates in Malawi Eric Kramon
20190424AB Why does aid not target the poorest? Ryan Briggs
20190424AA The Political Economy of Ethnicity in Africa: A Research Design Yannick I. Pengl, Philip Roessler, Valeria Rueda
20190423AA Who Becomes a Party Worker? Saad Gulzar, Durgesh Pathak, Sarah Thompson, Aliz Toth
20190422AA The Causal Effects of Moving to Opportunity on Voter Registration and Turnout Riley Carney, Ryan Enos, Tali Mendelberg
20190420AA Talking about addiction: do stigmatized labels affect perceptions of substance use and drug policy? Evan Morgan
20190418AA Representation as a Continuous Game Mattias Agerberg, Peter Esaiasson, Jenny de Fine Licht
20190417AB Do “Safe Spaces” Reduce Sensitivity Bias? Lisa Mueller
20190417AA The Limits of Prejudice and Brexit Identities in the UK (This design is gated) Florian Stoeckel, Max Talman 09/12/2020