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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20200114AC Pre-Analysis Plan for Ethics of Migration \\ Updated to include new survey data Margaret E. Peters, Thania Sanchez, Yang-Yang Zhou
20200114AB Who Stays? The Role of Nationalism and Dignity in Decisions to Stay in Conflict and other Refugee-Causing Situations (This design is gated) Margaret E. Peters, Thania Sanchez, Yang-Yang Zhou 06/30/2021
20200114AA The Use of AirDrop, Apple’s Peer-to-Peer Technology, in Mobilizing Protesters in Hong Kong (This design is gated) Andy Buschmann 06/16/2020
20200109AA Investigating Tax Policy Preferences Among Citizens in Weak-State Contexts Lucy Martin, Brigitte Seim, Simon Hoellerbauer
20200106AB Mass Attitudes and the Relationship Between Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Confirmatory Trial (This design is gated) Jonathon Baron 01/06/2021
20200106AA Mass Attitudes and Discrimination Against Hypothetical Job Candidates in Japan: A resumé-based survey experiment (This design is gated) Jonathon Baron 01/06/2021
20200103AA Effects of Wealth, Handouts and Gender on Vote Choice Matthew K. Gichohi, Ragnhild Muriaas, Vibeke Opheim
20200102AA Un-Informed About the Uniformed Paul Merklinger
20191231AA Polarization, repression and authoritarian rule (This design is gated) Jean Lachapelle 06/01/2021
20191223AA Social Media and Political Advocacy: List Experiment Sean Richey, J. Benjamin Taylor
20191222AA Informal Economy Workers and Preference for Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from India S.P. Harish, Helen Milner, Nita Rudta
20191221AA How Does the Pro-Beijing Media Influence Voter Behavior and Opinion? An Online Field Experiment during Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election (This design is gated) Jay Chieh Kao 03/31/2021
20191220AB Social Pressure Persuasion Paul Gross
20191220AA Public Opposition to Human Rights Adjudication in National and European Courts Mikael Rask Madsen, Juan Mayoral, Anton Strezhnev, Erik Voeten
20191219AA Strategic nuclear proliferation and public opinion Guilherme Fasolin, Lucas Perez Florentino, Umberto Mignozzetti, Matias Spektor
20191218AA Democracy Ratings, Part 2 (This design is gated) Sarah Bush, Melina Platas 06/18/2021
20191217AF When Does Deliberation Work?: Results from a Natural Experiment in the French Great National Debate Angele Delevoye, Hélène Landemore
20191217AE Perceived Immigrant Composition and Social Policy Attitudes (This design is gated) René Flores, Ariel Azar 12/31/2020
20191217AD Thailand Survey Experiment on Trade and Conflict Celeste Beesley, Darren Hawkins, Joel Selway, Elden Griggs
20191217AC Transparency and Access to Public Information in Chile, Peru, and Uruguay Rafael Piñeiro, Paula Muñoz-Chirinos, Fernando Rosenblatt, María Cecilia Rossel, Fabrizio Scrollini
20191217AB Individually Informed: Personality, news consumption, and affective polarization Adam Peresman
20191217AA Constitutional territorial reforms in polarized contexts. Experimental evidence from Spain and Catalonia. Sandra León, Ignacio Jurado
20191213AB Public works programs, well-being, social cohesion and women’s empowerment: evidence from a randomized control trial in Egypt Raphael Cottin, Eric Mvukiyehe
20191213AA The Impact of Work Risk Factors and Discriminatory Attitudes on Discriminatory Behavior among Swedish Elementary School Principals Per Adman, Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh
20191212AC The Importance of What People Think About What Other People Think About Corruption Mattias Agerberg
20191212AB Priming Politics and Attitudes on the National Football League John W. Givens, J. Benjamin Taylor
20191212AA The determinants of work motivation among public employees Dan Honig
20191211AC The Impact of Russian Election Meddling on Allies’ Trust in the United States: The Case of Japan Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Yusaku Horiuchi
20191211AB What Motivates Skilled Workers to Emigrate from Japan? An Experimental Investi- gation of Potential Brain Drain Yusaku Horiuchi, Nana Oishi
20191211AA Are social media campaigns reaching young people? Mobilising the youth vote in the 2019 UK General Elections Florian Foos, Peter John, Asli Unan
20191210AB Majority size, issue salience, and public support for court decisions: Evidence from a survey-embedded vignette experiment Henrik Litleré Bentsen, Sveinung Arnesen, Jon Kåre Skiple
20191210AA How do Politicians Know Which Colleagues to Trust? An Experimental Study of Bargaining Heuristics Used by Elected Politicians Lior Sheffer, Nina Serdarevic, Troy Saghaug Broderstad
20191209AD Public Opinion on the Use of Nuclear Weapons Tyler Bowen, Michael Goldfien, Matthew H Graham
20191209AC Reference Group: Who are my Peers? (from a lager study titled A Foot in Both Countries) (This design is gated) Chiara Superti 04/15/2021
20191209AB Thinking About the Home Country (from a lager study titled A Foot in Both Countries) (This design is gated) Chiara Superti 04/15/2021
20191209AA Restoring the Rule of Law After Civil War: A Field Experiment on Security and Justice Provision in Rural Colombia Robert Blair, Manuel Moscoso Rojas, Andrés Vargas, Michael Weintraub
20191206AA Partisanship, Issue Position, and Social Trust in a Multiparty System Lenka Hrbková, Vlastimil Havlík, Petr Voda
20191205AA Shared social identity and strategic uncertainty – Vol. 2 Dominik Duell, Catherine Hafer, Dimitri Landa
20191204AA Diversion Strategies in Politics (This design is gated) Eva Anduiza, Guillem Rico, Maria José Hierro 01/01/2021
20191203AA Structural and Interpersonal Factors Facilitating the Satisfaction of Group Members' Needs within Intergroup Contact Interactions Ruth Ditlmann, Nurit Shnabel, Gali Pesin Michael, Julia Roseman, Ruben Below
20191202AB Partisan Cuing on Public Service Delivery? Evidence from an Electoral Authoritarian Regime Kristin Michelitch, Giovani Bastiani Roggia
20191202AA The Impact of Public Diplomacy on the Global Attitudes of Teens (This design is gated) Naima Green-Riley 06/02/2021
20191201AA Nudging towards healthier food choice for children using cognitive dissonance: a lab-in-field experiment Trang Mai Nguyen, Marrit van den Berg, Alan de Brauw
20191129AA Loss Aversion in Territorial Disputes: An Empirical Test Andi Zhou, Henk Erich Goemans, Michael Weintraub
20191128AA Survey Experimental Study: Is Pro-Immigration/Inclusive Political Rhetoric Really Ineffective? Kristina Bakkær Simonsen
20191125AA Elite Interethnic Contact, Tolerance, and Policy Making (This design is gated) William O'Brochta 12/31/2020
20191122AA The Effects of Social Background and Neighborhood Context on Compliance: A Conjoint Experiment (This design is gated) Prisca Jöst, Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust 11/21/2020
20191121AC Transnational advocacy and social values towards same-sex rights in Uganda Nicholas Lyon
20191121AB Analogies in Politics (This design is gated) Jason Barabas, Ph.D. 12/25/2020
20191121AA Adaptive Experimental Design: Prospects and Applications in Political Science Study 3 Molly Offer-Westort, Alexander Coppock, Donald Green