Varja leads the LME work at Twaweza, an East African non-governmental organization focusing on producing evidence for accountability and action in the domains of basic education and open government. Varja’s work includes developing and supporting monitoring and evaluation activities relevant to Twaweza’s initiatives across Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, linking high-caliber researchers and research institutions to Twaweza to jointly explore core questions in the relevant domains, and turning findings into learning opportunities for the organization and the wider accountability field. Prior to her current role, Varja has worked for international non-governmental organizations and WHO focusing on public health in a variety of contexts, including Central and Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and South America. Varja holds an MPH and doctorate from Tulane University.

Position: Director, Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Website: @VarjaTwa
Institution / Affiliation : Twaweza

Geographical Region: Africa, Europe
Methodology: Mixed Method
Policy: Development, Governance