Peter John joined the University College London in September 2011 as Professor of Political Science and Public Policy. He was previously taught at the University of Manchester, where he directed the Institute of Political and Economic Governance. He holds a PhD from the University of Oxford. He has recently been working on two large projects. The first is on policy agendas in the UK for which he and his collaborators have collected data on what topics the UK government has concentrated on since 1911. His second project uses experiments to study civic participation in public policy, with the aim of finding out what governments and other public agencies can do to encourage citizens to carry out acts of collective benefit. This work comes together in a book called Academic, Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think: Using Experiments to Change Civic Behaviour.


Institution / Affiliation : University College London

Geographical Region: Europe
Methodology: Experimental Design, Field Experiments
Policy: Governance