The EGAP Peer Response Process, which allows members to propose new research designs to their peers for feedback, is a benefit available to all EGAP members. This process was developed to create little burden for the reviewers, and immediate and interactive feedback for the research design proposers, by facilitating a discussion session online or over the phone within one week of submission.

The process:

  • How do I request a session? Completing this form (link also below) initiates EGAP’s Peer Response process. A member of the Peer Response Committee (listed below) will contact you after this form has been submitted to schedule the peer response session within one week of your submission. They will have assembled between two to three other EGAP members with knowledge appropriate to the topic to participate in the session.
  • How will the session be conducted? The informal session will be held either by phone, by Skype or Google Hangout and will be focused on brainstorming, etc.
  • Can I request a specific member? You have the option to request a specific member to serve on the committee and we will do our best to match accordingly.
  • How long will the sessions last? The sessions will last approximately 1 hour, but can continue as long as the discussion is good.
  • If I am an academic researcher, can I participate if I am serving solely as a paid consultant on a project? No, you may only participate if the project is directly serving your research interests.
  • Are there any specific rules for institutional members? Institutional members may propose research to be reviewed up to 3 times per year. Institutional members may not request a review when EGAP members are hired consultants working on the project, to prevent conflict of interest.

Online Peer Review Request Form

Peer Response Committee Members

Kevin Arceneaux

Associate Professor
Temple University

Nahomi Ichino

Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

Jason Lyall

Associate Professor
Yale University

Ryan Moore

Assistant Professor
American University

Betsy Paluck (Chair)

Associate Professor
Princeton University

Rick Wilson

Rice University