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The Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) network is requesting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for cutting-edge experimental research projects that aim to understand non-electoral forms of political participation in hybrid regimes, broadly defined. Democracies are excluded, as are closed authoritarian regimes. Although voting is the most widely recognized form of political participation, this Metaketa round seeks to broaden the focus to other forms of political participation that may be more relevant in settings in which elections are not functioning as effective tools of political accountability. This grant round is specifically designed to foster knowledge accumulation across studies. Successful applicants will engage in closely related projects and adhere to a common set of research standards. For this round, EGAP will support 5-7 research projects that are coordinated in design and address a common theme. This request for short Expressions of Interest seeks to identify clusters of research projects with comparable interventions and outcome measures, which will form the basis of the main call.

The deadline for submission is February 28, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.

Expressions of Interest Application

Contact Jaclyn Leaver at with any questions.