The Metaketa III: Natural Resource Governance round has awarded six grants to innovative experimental research projects that seek to assess the role of community monitoring of natural resources, specifically forests and water. All of the projects use common informational interventions focused on scrutinizing local resource management authorities and providing information to administrators and users in order to curb the overuse of the forest or water common pool resource. In addition, each project will involve at least one complementary intervention.  

The awards, provided by funding from the UK’s Department for International Development, range from $150,000 to $250,000. All projects will collaborate closely, in conjunction with the EGAP Metaketa III: Natural Resource Governance steering committee, with the goal of maximizing the consistency of designs, interventions, and outcome measurement across studies.

Congratulations to the Metaketa III: Natural Resource Governance award recipients!

  • Participatory measurement, monitoring, and management of groundwater in Northeast Brazil
    • Location: Brazil. Principal Investigators: Alicia Cooperman (Columbia University), Sasha Richey (Washington State University), and Brigitte Zimmerman Seim (University of North Carolina)
  • Citizen monitoring of urban waterways in Jiangsu, China
    • Location: China. Principal Investigators: Zhang Bing (Nanjing University) and Mark Buntaine (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Evidence about common approaches to facilitating climate change adaptation by local institutions in water-scarce regions of Central America
    • Location: Costa Rica. Principal Investigators: Francisco Alpizar (CAITE), Maria Bernedo (Georgia State University), and Paul Ferraro (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Community monitoring of deforestation, payment for environmental services (PES) and gender dynamics in Kenya
    • Location: Kenya. Principal Investigators: Sabrina Eisenbarth (University of Oxford), Chaning Jang (Busara Center for Behavioral Economics), Ariana Keyman (Busara Center), Anouk Rigterink (University of Oxford), and Mareike Schomerus (Overseas Development Institute)
  • What is it really worth? Enabling community resource management through improved valuation and negotiation skills
    • Location: Liberia. Principal Investigators: Darin Christensen (University of California, Los Angeles), Alexandra Hartman (University College of London), and Cyrus Samii (New York University)
  • Community monitoring and technology transfer to prevent deforestation: A field experiment in the Peruvian Amazon
    • Location: Peru. Principal Investigators: Jacob Kopas (Columbia University), Tara Slough (Columbia), and Johannes Urpelainen (Columbia)


The Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) network is soliciting proposals for field experiments that seek to assess the roles of information to governments and/or community monitoring of resources on the governance of forests and/or freshwater. This Metaketa round is funded by the UK's Department for International Development and invites studies that address the central questions using two or more experimental treatment conditions—a common arm (or arms), to be implemented in a consistent manner by all supported projects, should seek to assess the effects of information provided to governments and/or monitoring by communities on the governance of common-pool forests and/or freshwater; and a second or third arm to be selected by individual research teams to be studied alongside the common treatment(s). 

Awards will range from $150,000 to $250,000. Please see the link to the full request for proposals along with links to the submission form and budget template below. 

Please submit all materials in a PDF format to The deadline for submission is November 15, 2016, 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

Request for Proposals 

RFP Submission Form

RFP Budget Template

Contact Jaclyn Leaver (EGAP Director of Research) at with any questions.

This call for expressions of interest is now closed. Thanks to all who applied. As mentioned below, this call sought to identify clusters of research projects with comparable interventions and outcome measures that would form the basis of the main Natural Resource Governance Metaketa request for proposals. Please see below for a summary of the EOIs we received and stay tuned for the full request for proposals that will be launched in the next few weeks! 

Metaketa III: Natural Resource Governance Summary of EOIs


The Evidence in Governance and Politics network (EGAP) is requesting expressions of interest (EOIs) for leading edge experimental research projects on the effective governance of common-pool resources in developing countries. This grant round is specifically designed to foster knowledge accumulation across studies and is supported by funding from the UK Department for International Development. Successful applicants will engage in closely related projects and adhere to a common set of research standards. For this round, EGAP will support 5-7 research projects that address a common theme. This request for short EOIs seeks to identify clusters of research projects with comparable interventions and outcome measures, which will form the basis of the main call. 

Please submit your EOI in a PDF format to The deadline for submission is October 6, 2016, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

Expressions of Interest Form

Contact Jaclyn Leaver (EGAP Director of Research) at with any questions.