Cecilia Hyunjung Mo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and an Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Education at the Peabody College of Education (by courtesy) at Vanderbilt University. Her research interests include a broad array of issues in political behavior, public policy, and the political economy of development. Her research centers on how norms and values of democratic citizenship can be cultivated; and on both understanding and responding to the following challenges to democratic citizenship: (1) group-based intolerance; (2) modern day slavery; and (3) poverty and inequality. Her research also integrates theories of bounded rationality like aspiration-based frameworks, prospect theory, and unconscious attitudes into models and empirical analyses of political and economic decision-making and institutions. She is the recipient of the American Political Science Association's 2015 Franklin L. Burdette/Pi Sigma Alpha Award for the best paper presented at the previous year's annual meeting and the 2016 Best Article published in Political Behavior Award from APSA’s Elections, Public Opinion & Voting Behavior Section. She earned her PhD from Stanford University in Political Economics, and an MPA in International Development from Harvard University.

Email: cecilia.h.m@vanderbilt.edu

Website: https://my.vanderbilt.edu/ceciliamo/
Institution / Affiliation : Vanderbilt University

Policy: Development